Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caught with His Pants Down

An article about airport screening caught my eye in the Wall Street Journal.  It was most amusing to find out that a man in the article, yelled at when he grabbed at his beltless pants which were falling down as he was x-rayed a the airport, is most likely the brother of a guy I dated in college, or at least, I'm pretty sure it is him.  He filed a complaint with the TSA for his rough treatment.  

The next day, I took Anna to Cincinnati to look at my alma mater, and finding the program much shorter than we anticipated, I called my mom and her husband for lunch.  They suggested the Panera Bread near some errands they needed to run.  And there, in that Panera bread, in that place at that time, sat that man.  The one that I had read about the day before but hadn't talked to or even though about in 23 years.  Is that weird or what?  

He looked over at me and I could tell he recognized me somewhat, but seemed puzzled.  That "don't I know her from somewhere?" look.  Obviously in a business meeting with another man, I minded my own business.  Otherwise, I thought it would be amusing to walk over and say, "Hey, Mike, congratulations on getting your name into the Wall Street Journal."


Arby said...

That would have been a great opening line for a reunion!

pita-woman said...

Qeue up "Twilight zone" music

Cloudia said...

Amazing...yet happens all the time, eh?

Aloha from Hawaii

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