Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Dh and I enjoy doing barn chores together in the evening.  It gives us a chance to talk.  One night we were discussing what answer to give William.  Scheduled for baseball practice the next day, William's piano instructor had also invited us to a group performance class during our piano lesson.  I hadn't known about the performance class and had already committed to the baseball practice with a team to the coach.

"I want to go to the performance class, not baseball!" William declared in front of his piano instructor.  This of course thrilled the instructor and frankly, since we are working on motivation to study piano, me as well.  But....well, he had baseball practice.

Despite being happy at William's interest in the group piano practice, we talked it over and decided he should go to baseball.  We'd already committed, a team was counting on him, you can't practice baseball alone or make a spot for yourself except on the bench unless you practice, and so on.  In addition, there was a tiny, niggling suspicion that it was an attempt to not have to exercise in the hot sun, though it was a morning practice.  Decision made, we returned to the house, chores done, and told William:  You must go to baseball practice.

We woke up this morning to a steady rain.  We went to piano.

Happy Father's Day!

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pita-woman said...

Got to love when the world works in such mysterious ways, especially when it's actually in your favor.


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