Friday, June 04, 2010

We're In the Money

I got my first check for writing from GoogleAds, which registers each time someone clicks on ads displayed on this blog.  $105 and change.  Before you congratulate me on my accomplishment, consider that this is for the period of time from December 2004 until the present.  At this rate, I'll be rich in no time.  Emphasis on "no time".

My mind has been a bit foggy lately.  As I sat watching William's piano lesson yesterday, items I needed at Stuff-Mart kept popping into my head.  I wrote them down so I could let go and pay attention.  That didn't work when the word "snake" came into my head.  Snake, Snake, Snake.   No that isn't the right word.  I picture a long green snake.  All the while, Mr. B, the piano teacher is talking to William, and the words float around me.  It's a short word I want.  Not snake. Then finally, it surfaces:  hose.  A long, green hose.  I think I'm losing my mind.

Anna and I were in the kitchen making strawberry freezer jam.  Our hips accidentally bumped into each other and I laughed:  Did you know, I asked her, that there was a dance when I was growing up called "the bump". I demonstrated.  "Don't even tell me," she said, "that people actually did that in public."

I made strawberry rhubarb pie with the leftover strawberries.


Lauren said...

well hey, "the bump" couldn't have been worse than what some people do now...grinding. ;)

Cloudia said... do i get on your blogroll?

Cloudia said...

What ads?

Good for you. I'm hooked on following your adventures...

get a good, flexible snake...

show them the twist!

mmmmmm! strawberries!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Jenn Jilks said...

That's hoot. Amazing how Goggle is making millions off of us! cheers
We're battening down the hatches for G8 in Muskoka. Yikes...

Junosmom said...


Cloudia: You can sign up for Google Ads and it automatically places ads on your blog. I have them at the bottom of posts and to the right in a box. If anyone clicks on them, you might get a small amount of money.
Some people with large readerships, can make a great deal of money doing that. I'll be over to see you later today. And put you on the blog roll. I don't pay much attention to it these days, it is difficult to edit it.

Hi Jenn, How are things up north? Will have to come "visit" you.


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