Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A few weeks off were called for due to pain in my wrists.  The time off confirmed that it is carpal tunnel syndrome, as the pain has lessened with much less typing.  A lot of driving didn't help, nor did the odd behavior I seem to have when I sleep.   I wake up with my wrists bent up under my chin.  So, occasionally I may have to take a break, but I am aware of those of you that are asking for more blogs.  I'll do my best.

I'm also doing my best not to age, but it seems that isn't working.  The world knows it, too.  I'm sure it was an accident that the Old Farts Club (or whatever they're called) from Church left a message on my answering machine inviting me to a Derby Party last month.  The AARP letter I got in today's mail was also not welcome.

Short Story 
Pentecost Sunday in the Catholic Church is a "high" Mass, where many of the prayers are sung instead of spoken and small bells are rung at critical times.  As the bells chimed the first time, a little boy near the front said out loud, "WHAT'S THAT?"  There was a small amount of snickering.  A little while later, again the bells sounded.  "THERE IT GOES AGAIN!" he said.  William started laughing uncontrollably.  Of course, this made me laugh, and I had to take him out and talk sternly to him about reverence, all the while swallowing my own laughter.

At the end of Mass, Father recounted when the bells were rung at Christmas and a young child hollered out,  "SANTA'S HERE!"

May you hear bells and laughter today.


Cloudia said...

child laughter
growing "mature"

great post! You were missed

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Kristina said...

You might try sleeping in wrist braces. Many sign language interpreters do this, since they tend to sign in their sleep, and most of them get carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleeping in a brace always helps me when my CTS is acting up.

LOVE the Mass story!

pita-woman said...

My chiropractor did wonders for my carpal tunnel. Beat having to wear a brace or have surgery!


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