Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At Wal-Mart

I'm not sure what possessed me, but my first thought was, "I could take her."  She wouldn't stand a chance against me.  I could grab her perfectly fluffed hair and throw her down as she passed down the pizza aisle.  There wasn't much to her.  That buff colored jacket had to be a size two, and the high heels beneath her khakis would unbalance her with a good shove.  I didn't see if her nails were long and red, matching her big red leather purse.  They could be to my disadvantage, but I could totally bring her down.

I suppose the fact that I was in jeans and my Walmart t-shirt, hair that had gone flat with the weather, my scratched (and need to be thrown away) Clark mules, and a lack of swing in my step (it was, after all in the late afternoon and time for my daily afternoon slump), well, the un-Christian thought just popped into my head.  The moment passed and I admitted I could do a little more to look a bit put together.  I don't, however, suppose I could fling a sack of horse feed over my shoulder in that get-up.

Perhaps I need a vacation.


Cloudia said...


you are human :-)


George said...

Whqat in the world prompted this confrontation?

Junosmom said...

Oh, there was no confrontation. Just a quick mental image.

pita-woman said...

Yeah, I can picture you putting a twister-submission on her, no problem. ;)
i've never quite figured out those people that dress up in their absolute best (hooking?) clothes to go shopping. I've got a cousin that does that, wouldn't be caught dead without leopard print something on.

Diane Thomas said...

I totally would put a $50.00 bet on you! You would totally whoop some @#$%!!!!!


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