Monday, March 28, 2011

On Chickens Falling from the Sky

It was a mystery as to how his corpse came to be in my front pasture as was the nature of his death.  It did not appear accidental, given that his head and neck were missing.  Three giant turkey buzzards circled what was left of him.

"Something's dead!" I announced.  Circling buzzards are a dead giveaway. Literally.

From the house, it looked like a white something.  I checked to make sure Louise was in the house.  Check.  Well, what about our one white hen?  I sent William out with his two girl cousins to investigate.  They returned with the verdict:  a murdered rooster.

If this were Louisiana, I would be worried.  As it was, how did a headless rooster come to roost in my yard?  My sister speculated that someone or something got tired carrying it home.  Using my best CSI skills, I found that the nature of the injuries indicated that he was likely killed by a racoon or hawk, both of whom rip the head from the body.  Perhaps, my sister continued, a hawk flying overhead dropped it?  Would that have not been a sight to see, a dead chicken falling from the sky?  I'd have to go in the house and light a candle and say a rosary or something.  Scary.

Of course, it fell to me to grab a trash bag and dispose of the poor thing.  I worried about which neighbor was missing his or her rooster?  Kristina?  Mr. Retired Wood Shop Teacher, or the guy down the road that also keeps turkeys?  Just today, I saw a house maybe 1/2 a mile that had a "Fresh Eggs" sign.  I need a neon sign out front so that I can change the message for passing motorists.  One day, "MISSING WHITE CAT" and the next, "FOUND:  DEAD WHITE ROOSTER".  At least the owner would know.


Tallis said...

Love it! Thinking about getting some chickens, but not sure it's "allowed" in town.....

Tikktok :)

Kristina said...

Well... We don't have any roosters currently. So, it wasn't ours. I did see a hawk carrying away a cat sized animal the other day. I raced home to make sure we weren't missing any cats.

I think the sign is an excellent idea. Just don't let your family program it. You never know what they might come up with! ;D


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