Saturday, August 11, 2007


Likely, my friend would have shot milk out her nose had she been drinking it. She asked me on the phone if she was interupting anything. Oh, no, I told her. I was just writing an Outlook Express message rules so that email received with sperm in the subject line would be deleted. I informed her that should she ever email me on that topic, I would never see it and would not respond to the email. She thanked me for the advance warning.

Some spy bot has found my email address on a website somewhere and I've lately been subjected to 25-50 messages a day about enhancing body parts that I don't have, Rolex watches that I've never coveted, and medicines that I don't need.

Recently, on NPR I heard a debate on the right of President Bush and the government to intercept emails between US citizens and foreign email addresses. I can not help but wonder if they have the technology to do this, why they can't stop the Nigerians from emailing me with a promise of millions of dollars if only I'd give them my bank account, social security number and mother's maiden name? Can they not stop the Canadians from emailing me about Viagra and Cialis? Could they please stop the Chinese from emailing me text I can't even read?

In the meantime, I make rule after rule, making a list of words that you wouldn't use in polite conversation.


Camflock said...

I laughed out loud at this information....again!

whitetr6 said...

funny, but soooooo annoying. Here's a good product that I recommend to a lot of my clients:

Once you get it trained within a few days, you won't see much of these anymore


FatcatPaulanne said...

I had to change email addresses to do it. I also changed internet providers and now that I'm on bellsouth, I'm not having this problem anymore. It's such a relief!


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