Saturday, August 04, 2007


If you knew or had known Juno, you would know why this drawing by Anna brought tears to my eyes. The scan doesn't even do it justice - it is nearly three dimensional. Her portrait hangs in our main room. Dh laughed that it looked like an ancestral portrait. Juno was certainly a one of a kind dog, and that is part of my reaction, but I am overjoyed at the talent Anna is developing.

Juno by Anna, copyright July 2007, Prismacolor pencils

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pita-woman said...

One of a kind indeed, but then, they all are.
One of the things that I'll always remember as a unique trait of hers were her springy-feet. There was something about the shape of her feet and thickness of her pads, she just always seemed to be walking around in high-heels. ;)
We always loved it when she could come spend the weekend with us and play with Smokey. :)


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