Thursday, August 16, 2007

Questions About God

My Aunt Loraine passed away this morning after a brief illness. Because we've known it was coming for some days and have talked about it, William, of course, had many questions. Today, he wanted to know what a spirit does in Heaven. I gave the standard answer that everyone was with God, happy, needing nothing...... He replied that he would find that boring and he knew God wasn't bored.

God, he said, wasn't bored because he had a job to do. He had to make the rain, make people, keep the Earth spinning, etc. Therefore, God would not be bored. He figures that that is why God made the Earth to begin with - out of boredom, now relieved with keeping it working and all.

God Speed, Aunt Loraine. May you now have peace and the answers to all of life's mysteries (and if you wanna answer any of William's questions in my dreams, I'd greatly appreciate it).

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