Monday, August 13, 2007

The Zucchini Massacre

About this time of year, I begin to wonder why each spring optimism wells within me, encouraging me to dig up the soil, spend about $100 in seeds and supplies so that I can produce zucchini that people are giving away on the street corners. There is a saying that you can tell a person who has no friends: they are the ones buying zucchini at the grocery.

My garden, which is by now a scar on the face of the earth and embarassing, does however produce mammoth zucchini in my neglect. William shouts "can I have it?" when he sees one, excitement filling the air. He grabs his "little knife" and cuts it into shreds. He sometimes peels it with a potato peeler, as you see in this photo, and then begins stabbing it with a violence that scares me. He then inspects the core sample he's taken (maybe he'll be a geologist instead of a serial killer?) and excavates a mini-cave. Though it makes a mess that takes a while to clean up, others don't understand that it is well worth it, for he is silent and engaged for a full fifteen minutes!

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