Saturday, August 04, 2007

Suntan Lotion

My dh claims that the spray suntan lotion is necessary for golfer, as ordinary suntan lotion leaves one's hands greasy. Unfortunately, his use of this luxury has influenced his children, who now prefer it to the generic lotion I buy in the five gallon buckets. I say unfortunately because it must be laced with gold dust, given the cost per ounce. Really, what is in that canister that they can charge $7 for 6 ounces? And we complain about gas prices. It's the suntan lotion manufacturers that are making a killing.

Rather, suntan lotion should be applied like sheep dip: you have a bit vat of it and you corral everyone and run them through it. When they emerge, they shake like an animal, and voilà! they are covered for pennies per usage. Predictably, my family is not in favor of this method, but I think it is an idea whose time has come.

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Dawn said...

I am with you on the sunscreen. I think there should be an attachment in the shower that you can get a good blast of lotion. My kids all beg for the spray too after waiting "days" to be lotioned up but with a daddy who experienced melenoma I am not subjecting their spouses to the worry in the future.


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