Thursday, November 15, 2007

Death by Chaos

We're expecting company in the next week - three separate visits. Most people that live nearby know we have a "farm" house and it looks it. They know that sometimes it's clean, sometimes there is chicken crap on the steps when someone forgot to remove their shoes. Sometimes, a recital takes precedence over cleaning off the counters. The guests, however, only come once in a great while, and a short visit can leave a lasting impression with no follow up visits to redeem oneself.

I find myself stashing items in my office closet and wondering if they were to open this closet, and be knocked on the head and they died, would it be manslaughter or murder? It was premeditated - I meant to hide my total lack of organization. And yes, I DO know about Flylady and have about 1000 unread messages from her in my inbox.

So what am I doing blogging? A person has to take a break sometimes!

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