Friday, November 02, 2007

They Sell Dogs?

I was slightly started when the cashier at Stuffmart handed me a bag, saying, "Here's your Pomeranian". You've got to just love Kentucky. It's pomegranate, not Pomeranian, season.


Jean N. said...

Oh, that is just TOO funny! You have the best stuffmart stories!

Camflock said...

I saw the big sign at Stuffmart explaining what they were. I love them, yet there is so much effort involved. Where do you find the time to blog and score "Pomegranates" with a knife and break it open, to eat the arils (seed casings) after separating them from the skin (peel) and internal white supporting structures (pith and carpellary membrane)? Aren't you starving by then? I just buy the jug of juice. :)


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