Friday, November 16, 2007

StuffMart Can Stuff It

They did it again! Again, I've stood in line to check out for an inordinate amount of time. Too many items to do it myself, I looked down a half-mile row of check out lanes and saw only three open. I waited and waited, and all was not in vain until I got home and found my lunch meat missing. This isn't the first time. WHERE IS MY LUNCHMEAT???

I envision the cashier having it for lunch in the breakroom. Maybe she stole a loaf of bread from the next customer, they had a feast. On the other hand, though I've searched the van, foul smells of decayed meat could greet me in the coming week if I missed it somehow.

The old woman behind me made the long line excrutiating as she doddered on about avoiding items manufactured in China and how this line will get worse come Christmas time. I'd just come in for two avocados. I spent $106.

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pita-woman said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that gets short-changed on my groceries from time to time. Of course, one time, I'd tossed a bag of toiletries (or what I thought was just toiletries) into the spare bathroom to unpack at a later date, then went to finish unpacking the regular groceries. When I couldn't find something I just KNEW I'd purchased, as it was on the receipt, I called the store raising cain. Drove back up there, had them give me a replacement item. Then discovered a few days later it was in that bag of toiletries still sitting in the spare bathroom. Oops!


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