Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Your Mother's Little Black Dress

Years back, I bought a wine-coloured velvet dress from Victoria's Secret. It was, believe it or not, modest, long-sleeved, and though meant to be very short, hit my stubby legs just right. That dress disappeared into dd's closet a Christmas or two ago. Thinking maybe they might have another like it, I went onto their website to browse last night looking for me and dd for Christmas gatherings.

Let's just say that styles have um, progressed (or is that digressed?) and dd will not be getting a VS dress. Besides, it has to be harmful to contort one's breasts to pop up over the neckline in such an obvious display. Still, I was fascinated with one feature: you can click on the color swatches and change the color of the dress. I thought that was fun.

Dh, arriving home from work looked over my shoulder. "They forgot one button," he said. "They need one with no dress at all." And, I don't think he was trying to gauge the success of that particular style of dress on the model.

Later, I thanked him for fodder for my blog. He said that the whole website erroneously assumed that he was even looking at the dress.


Jeff said...

very funny...great blog.

Jeff said...

very funny, a great blog


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