Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diet Plan

As soon as I saw the plastic freezer bag and the recipe attached, I moaned. I remember the summer both dh and I gained 5 pounds each from such a bag. You might as well fill it with lard and hang it directly from my belt loops. Evidently, someone at dh's work subscribe to the diet plan of making other people fat, so that one looks good by comparison.

If you have any friends at all, at some point in your life you will be "gifted" with an Amish Bread Starter. In my case, I might call it a curse, for the sourdough starter becomes a living thing (sometimes named) that cannot be let to die. It grows and multiplies, and people start crossing the street when they see you coming with a similar bag of goo. Feeling sorry for the living baggie of goo, it becomes a mission to find homes for them, holding them aloft at meetings and shouting out an invitation to join the growing ranks of the growing ranks.

Similarly, we've recently received a gift of Sea Monkeys which Wm declares is a "good pet". A very sensitive child, he is not going to allow a burial at "sea" aka toilet, when the SM food runs out. I am faced with ordering new food for critters that make my skin crawl. Aren't those the things in creeks that make you wish you hadn't drunk creek water?

Still, a gift is a gift. Dh loves Amish Sourdough Bread, though I question the title and suggest Amish Pound Cake. Perhaps the Amish, ploughing digging up their fields with a trowel can eat a loaf with a whole cup of oil in it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Farm Notes
One Arucana chicken has begun laying again. For all my efforts and $8 in feed a month, I get about 25 eggs. I'm running a nursing home for chickens.

Today it should be warm, and I need to get the heat lamps put up for the chickens. I hate the cold.

The heated buckets are installed in the barn - the best horse invention after the stirrup. Beats the heck out of fronzen water buckets when it's 2 below. Did I mention I hate cold?

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Sea Monkeys... if my memory serves me correctly, from my childhood days of raising such a pet (if only 'til they ran out of food), aren't they in fact brine-shrimp?
As for the squiggly things you find in water, I thought that was mosquito larvae?
But I could be wrong on both counts.


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