Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Typical Male

Yesterday, my son was given the opportunity to ride along with me to drive one sister to art lessons. Another sister was to remain home. He generally chooses to stick to me like white on rice, but this time, I was surprised to hear, "No, I'll stay home. You'll just talk the whole way there and back anyway".

Farm Notes
I recently found someone who'd love to have the white silkie pair of chickens that I have. I was happy to know that they could remain together. Yesterday, I found the rooster dead in the hutch. No apparent cause of death and a necropsy is not planned. Funeral arrangements to be made by Rumpke.

Tell me, what, what, possesses a man (or woman for that matter, I'm in Kentucky after all) to chew tobacco?? A man stopped by unannounced yesterday to inquire about the builder of our barn. This has happened before, and I was happy to show him around. That is, until he began periodically spitting, spitting, in my barn. I about lost my cookies. Granted the barn has a limestone base and bedding to collect waste, but there is something inherently disgusting about tobacco juice. Just writing this makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

What woman would kiss such a man, sucking and dripping brown saliva from his mouth? Ugh. And what does one do when someone begins to spit all over your property? I can do one better though. I am no priss, I'll have you know. Often, my girls and I wear Eau de Cheval. Unlike Chris, horse manure and even horse urine does not bother me. When our horse chiropractor, however, declared he'd leave after "using one of our stalls", I about had a tizzy. I offered the use of my bathroom, but he just smiled with his two teeth while crushing his cigarette into the driveway, and politely declined before spitting and heading into the barn. There was nothing to do but go to the house.

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pita-woman said...

I can't understand the attraction of kissing any kind of tobbaco user for that matter. I often gag just having to stand close to someone who's a heavy smoker (like a couple of my co-workers). They don't notice the smell & don't understand my complaints.
As for spitting, it doesn't have to be tobacco spit... I don't understand so many mens need to: "hock a loogey" everytime they open their mouths. Where is all this phlegm coming from? Either swallow it, or spit it into a napkin and dispose of it.
Okay, enough on this subuect!


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