Friday, April 18, 2008

Chiron is Now a Gelding

Today's science lesson is in horse anatomy and removal of said anatomy. It may be that I saw more winces today from human males than I've ever seen.

WARNING: This video is very graphic in nature and bloody. Do not watch it if you are bothered by footage of surgical procedures or blood. It is not appropriate for young children or older ones unless you've have the birds and bees discussion! (Or unless you want to have it today!)


George said...

OUCH! I guess the term "I had a ball last night" is not appropriate anymore. Did he have to use Bolt Cutters to get the job done?

pita-woman said...

Wow! I couldn't get the video to load the other day, so I had to come back to it.
Poor lil' guy. I was clenching and grinding my teeth the whole time! Me thinks this is a video every husband should have to watch, just to keep them in line. ;)


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