Monday, April 14, 2008


The vet had an emergency today, and Lil' Boy was spared becoming a gelding until Friday.

It seems some males think that I should have some sympathy for the colt. He tried to bite me in the chest, okay? He tried to bite the family jewels when dh was in the paddock. He thinks he's God's gift to the stallion world. I have no sympathy.

Rearing and screaming his way into our barn, he declares that it's him or me. And I say - it's him.

He does now have a name: Chiron. Optimistically named, pronounced kye'-rən. From D'Aulaire's Greek Myths:
There was one centaur who was kind and wise and was fond of children. His name was Chiron. Though he looked like the other centaurs, he wasn't related to them at all. He was the son of Cronus the Titan and was immortal. Chiron was famous as the greatest teacher in Greece. Kings brought their small sons to him so he could raise them in the true spirit of heroes.

In his quiet cave on Mount Pelion, he taught them manly sports and how to use the healing herbs of the earth and how to read the stars in the sky. All his pupils returned to their homes exceeding their fathers in courage and knowledge.


whitetr6 said...

He looks so...
...cuddly. Surely you are referring to some other beast?!!!

pita-woman said...

I hope he lives up to your optimism!


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