Monday, April 07, 2008


While driving to Lexington for this past weekend's mounted games competition, I heard loud crunching sounds coming from the rear of the van.

"What is that sound?" I asked. Lauren said that she and Matthias were eating tostados.

I wondered aloud if they could be good, for they had no salt.
"Yes," replied Lauren, "but they are very jalo-peño-ey."

Before I could ponder the correctness of this word, Matthias piped in that it should be "jalo-penish".

Anna, sitting next to me in the front turned her head, with "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

We all busted out laughing.
"He said jalopen-ISH" I clarified.
We continued to laugh so hard I was in danger of wrecking the car.
Matthias turned quite red and is probably wondering what he's gotten himself into, living with us.

So now, I can tell you that one big project was this trip to Lexington where Anna rode her horse Ginny in the USMGA's Bluegrass Open competiton. She was very happy with the weekend. Getting ready for it was a challenge, for not only packing and getting the kids ready, but I was the show secretary which was complicated by many last minute changes and entries. Saturday was cold and misty, but Sunday was a beautiful day in the sun with horses at the Kentucky Horse Park. It doesn't get any better than that.

Farm Notes

I am beginning training with Roxie the miniature horse. She is learning to lay down when I say "down". She is such a treasure.

Two bigger horses will come home tomorrow: Jorgen and Ginny. Ginny has been gone for training, Jorgen was being borrowed for the competition. Quid (Lauren's horse) is going into training for a month. She was ridden this past weekend by the trainer and it was amazing to see her gallop at full speed. Just amazing.

Daisy (Lauren's dog) communicated her displeasure at being left at home by leaving a "present" on Lauren's open suitcase. I'm not sure how to train out separation anxiety.

Note to self: do not allow a six year old boy TWO Fiber One bars (with 35% of adult daily fiber needs) at 2 p.m. even if they do taste good to him and have chocolate in them unless you want to get up with said boy at 1 a.m.

Now - it is time to work on my second major project, to be disclosed at a later date.

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