Friday, April 04, 2008

Picky Eater

It's not my mom's fault I'm a little less than adventurous when it comes to food. I remember rejecting foods I now eat - asparagus, broccoli, spinach (I still will not eat brussel sprouts). I have expanded my horizons, but still am a bit squeamish when it comes to sea food and things that are, shall we say, unusual?

I enjoy learning new things and experimenting with the intent to continue to learn throughout my life, but I consider food adventure switching from white to brown eggs. I most certainly could not eat this. I think my friend Becky beats me hands down in the "willling to try anything to learn" category. Becky, all I can say is "why?"

As for seafood, I have biblical backing. I am listening to Deuteronomy on e-book, and it says to one can eat any fish that has fins and a tale. Lots of creatures live in the sea, but only eat fish with fins and a tale. Sounds good to me.

Farm Notes:
I believe all our topsoil is now effectively washed away.

The chickens are out this morning. They evidently survived a night of not being locked up - and are enjoying a little free-ranging. Should be fun to round them up in the rain.

I have two major projects going on right now, consuming every minute of my days. I'll blog about them soon.


pita-woman said...

I'm with you on the seafood sister! Fish only! I can't do clams, oysters, muscles, calamari, shrimp of any form, lobster, scallops... what have I left out?
Ditto on the 'sprouts.
But I have come a long way vs. how I was when I lived at home. There are lots of things I'll eat now I wouldn't even consider then, or was never given the opportunity because my mother didn't like it, therefore wouldn't fix it.

Becky said...

Okay Cath.......gotta take time to try and get a comment on this one!

In answer to your question "why"......well, after the deed was done, Macy proceeded to tell me that the 'items' could be eaten, and my son Jordan (a country boy will survive kinda guy) says "Mom, will you take these home and put them in the fridge for me?"

And being the obedient (& adventurous) mom that I am, I said "sure".

From then on, there was no backing out!!!

Never a dull moment.......:)

The Seasons of Life said...

Cathy, I never knew you were so finicky an eater. I wish I were a bit more choosey. There's very little I don't or won't eat. I think I should take a lesson from you! (BTW, Brussells sprouts are both my sons' favorite vegetables.)

Love you, Robin


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