Friday, April 11, 2008

Of Things to Come

I have completed my second major project. You will have to wait about a month to read about it, but to give you a clue as to the depths I was willing to go to complete it, you could have found me both sewing and scrapbooking this past week. Gasp! Such a turnover! Things I often vocally deny I will ever do again, and here I was, scrapping away.

Now, I must pick up the threads and get my life back in order, though I know not where to start. So I blog! I have taken over possession of "Lil' Boy", the miniature colt we helped birth last year. He is very studly, which is about to be rectified next Monday. I am wondering if my friend, Becky, wants me to save anything for her dinner? He is very unmannerly, likes to rear and charge, and sometimes bites. If he wasn't so small, I'd be very afraid. I am making good progress with him, but doubt he'll listen much until he is gelded. That should get his attention.

Ginny and Jorgen are back home, both ponies, while Quid remains out for training at a local farm. The grass here is fluorescent green, and we must be careful to keep them off of it most of the time.

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