Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Good morning!
My daughter, who is in Japan, and I were talking over the internet. She made the statement that returning home will be such an "adjustment". Why so? Because "everything here is so neat and clean". Was I just insulted?
I offered to help her apply Japanese principles to her bedroom. I also offered to get rid of all the animals and move to a house with no yard, both of which are our major source of dirt and time-consuming work. We could implement a "no shoes" rule, and I'm sure that it would help, but I'm just not very disciplined at following through with rules like that.
In Japan, one takes off ones shoes at the doorway, replacing them with your own indoor-only slippers. Guest slippers are provided for visitors. This seems okay, but I am astounded by the requirement that when entering the bathroom, one must exchange one's slippers for the community slippers for the toilet only. I can just imagine, wanting to go to the bathroom and the toilet slippers are missing. "Okay," I yell out loud. "Who forgot to take off the toilet slippers?" I investigate the house slippers left behind for signs of the perpetrator. Likely, it would not work here.
For those of you that have inquired about "poor" Chiron, he is doing quite well. As the doc told me, he was a bit humble for the first day or two, and gave up rearing in favor of just plain biting.
He and I need to have a talk.

It is sunny! I've dug the garden and need to get to work.

Today is my busy day - getting Anna to her work at a stable with her horse, my volunteer job for a couple of hours, back to get Anna and her horse, fix dinner and then Anna to art class and back. Very full, but oddly satisfying.

Commenting: My own blog seems to think I am a spammer, and though I'm trying to turn off word verification for comments, a real person (is there such a thing in the blogosphere?) must look at my blog and verify me. I wonder which post made them think I'm not real? I wonder how many years it will take for a real person to get around to me?


whitetr6 said...

and here I thought the posting title was a phonetic spelling of your neighbor state to the North

Polly said...

Cathy - it's been a while since I"ve checked in to your blog - need to add you to my google reader.

What a great experience your daughter is having. I can't believe I have one graduating this year. Are you REALLY thinking of getting rid of your animals?


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