Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Can I Have A Box for Mine?"

Joey's eyes widened as the waitress put a plate of crab legs in front of Daniel. My twelve year old nephew had never, I think, witnessed anyone eating such a thing. Daniel, also my twelve year old nephew from my husband's side, loves crab legs. He dug in, cracking the legs, digging out the flesh and eating with relish.

Joe looked down at his hamburger and back again at the crab legs. Joe, you see, picks tomatoes and onions out of his salad, preferring plain lettuce. Exotic food is not for him. Dan picked up the crab leg cracker and worked down the leg of the crab. Joey sat and watched. My sister, Teresa, and I wondered if he was going to lose it right there on the table. Typical of a twelve year old, Dan grinned when he noticed the slightly green hue Joey was taking on and smacked his lips a little more. Joe made it through the dinner, though his went untouched.

We had reason to be concerned, as Joe's gag reflex is highly developed. He once lost his lunch smelling my sister's Lean Cuisereen dinner, claiming it smelled bad. Still, I was proud that he managed to keep it in check and go on to have a nice night after.


pita-woman said...

Gee, wonder how he'd react to Spaghetti-Ohs? Those things nearly make me lose the contents of my stomach if anyone opens a can near me.

Robin said...

Too cute! I would've been looking for those cute little airplane "barf" bags! Nice to know though. My step son puts ketchup on his Dad's amazing steaks and refuses, elsewise, to try anything new. Every time we go out to eat with him he spends 25 minutes on the menu and orders a hamburger, minus lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion...and may and mustard...but wants ketchup on the side...geez!


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