Friday, August 15, 2008

Science Friday

All good scientists know math. Arby asked, "If you have four chicken eggs to hatch, what are the odds that all four will be roosters?" If you Google "sex ratios in fertilized chicken eggs" or some such thing, you'll find that there are quite a few studies to determine if environmental factors affect the outcome. Because I've not yet earned my PhD in Avian Studies, I'll stick to a "given no other variables" approach. The possible configuration of baby chicks is as follows:

where G is girl and B is boy. Therefore, Arby, your chances of having all roosters is 20%. You should buy a lottery ticket with your ability to beat the odds. I have experience with this, as we once hatched three eggs, and you guessed it, three roosters. I will say, however, you might want to keep a few roosters around to keep your hens entertained, and perhaps that is why she crowed. What she is trying to tell you is revealed at the end of this article.

Signed, Junosmom who knows more about chickens that a human has a right (or needs) to know

Science Friday Photos
: learning from the holes in the woods


pita-woman said...

Are the holes from beetles that have bored into them? or woodpeckers??

Arby said...

Well, I just returned from the backyard where I was serenaded, in harmony, by my two White Crested Black Polish roosters. I found the article fascinating.

jacobithegreat said...

woo! genetics!


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