Monday, August 11, 2008

Could We Have More Cheeps?

Dh was parking the car as I got a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Thoughtful as ever, I ordered a beer for him along with a Corona for me.

"My husband will have a Dos Exxis."
"Si, signora, Dos Exxis...."

I am nodding before I hear him finish
"...grande," as he walked away.

What do I know? Thinking Dos Exxis comes in bottles, I shrugged it off until about the same time my husband sat down, they brought the 32 ounce (!!) frosted mug of beer. We began to laugh, as it was a bit embarrassing. At the table next to us, sat three policeman in full uniform. In addition, we were there after Mass because the girls were sitting at the table with the Church youth group at a send-off for a seminarian who'd spent the summer here. Oops! Thank goodness Lauren has her driver's license! Dh and I had a good time.


Arby said...

A 32 ouncer next to the cops, classic! Shoulda sent one to their table, too. You know, I'm glad you left your last comment. I thought I was nuts. I guess, like any other animal, chickens nap, too. Do you write your blogs days in advance? I'd love to be able to, but I cannot get that creative in one sitting!

Junosmom said...

Yes, I write them in advance sometimes. It can be hard to save the material, because I want to share it right away, so egotistical I am to think anyone wants to hear it. I do sometimes have dry spells when I am so busy I can't think. Writing ahead helps me to get past those, but as you see from last week, I usually can't manage it.

Packsaddle said...

A couple of catholics, a church youth group, and three policemen walk into a Mexican Restaurant and....


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