Friday, August 01, 2008

Bathing Beauties

My string bikini days are long over, but I remember the days enough to understand that it is the kind of bathing suit my daughters would like for lounging on the beach. You certainly can't call them "swimming suits" for they are not at all suited for swimming, at least in an ocean. But now that I have daughters, I look at bikinis a little differently. I told them I'd pay for their bathing suits if I could pick them out. I was thinking something like this, just for while we are on a beach.


Flock Fold Kids said...

Could you pick one up for my dd also?


whitetr6 said...

seems reasonable...their thoughts? :-)

jacobithegreat said...

I wasn't allowed to wear a bikini until I was 14.
And then it had to be modest: halter top that went most of the way up to my neck, and those boy shorts.
My dad protested, but I loved it, haha.

Arby said...

My BIL has seen the suits that my SIL has allowed her daughters to wear. I think he spends most of his days looking at his toes now.

Arby said...

I save all of my entries in a file on my computer. Every few months I save the files to a disc and delete them from my computer. If my blog crashed, I'd have all my material. I don't know if I'd go back and save three years worth of material, but I'd certainly cherry pick the best entries.

Packsaddle said...

They would still be the "hottest" girls on the beach.

Joey said...

flock fold - sure, what size?

whitetr6 - As you can imagine, they have about the opposite thoughts and are researching how to buy the littlest amount of fabric for the most money.

jacobithegreat - Oh, for the good old days.

Arby - yes, it really isn't fair, is it?

Packsaddle - can I send my blogs to you before I publish and you add in the funny parts?

Junosmom said...

BTW, those comments by Joey were really by me, JUNOSMOM. I was logged in to make some changes to Joey's blog ( and didn't notice when I went to make comments.


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