Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Motherhood of the Traveling Pants

My black capri pants went missing again this morning for the second time. The first time I ranted and tossed things aside, as I'd looked everywhere. The only answer is that the capris had "traveled" to a teen daughter's room. If so, I'd never see them again. I won't go into why this is so, because that could have verbal repercussions from unknown persons that might or might not live in my house. I would only say that some people might wear the same size their mother might wear and/or sometimes do laundry and mix clothes together.

After searching for some time, and blaming everyone else (I'm sure you've never done this), I found the capris had "traveled" somehow to my lonely sock basket - you know the socks that had somehow lost their mate? That basket was in my bedroom closet where it lives. So, I was the culprit after all. I briefly thought about hiding in someone's room, and then claiming I found it there to not appear guilty of having laid blame elsewhere. But wait! Maybe, that is how it ended up in my basket of socks. Maybe they were planted. I've been framed!

But this morning, I knew that the pants had just been misplace by myself, but I could not remember where I had put them. I looked everywhere or, as I used to tell the daughters, I guess I obviously had not looked everywhere or I would have found them, but everywhere I could think of. I finally located them on a shelf which I never use for clothes in the laundry closet. I can only think that my mind is now traveling, for I seem to have misplaced it.
To read more on wandering things, go here.


Indigo-Daisy said...

How funny, and how lucky you are to be of such good shape that your daughters could fit into your clothes!

Packsaddle said...

And, in a few more years, you will have to broaden your search to include your son's closet also.

Junosmom said...

Pack - you are too funny. What an image. I am glad you were refering to my capris and not other articles of clothing. And what are you doing looking at buff men on a dance website??? Actually, a just a few more sit ups and I'm sure to look just as good.

Thanks I-D, but they do fit differently. As my daughters will tell you, I wear my pants entirely too high, hiked up under my chin. DD's like their pants low rise, which to me feel as if they'll fall off any moment or expose parts that the public need never see.

pita-woman said...

Ha!, at least you have daughters you can blame the loss on... I only have my husband. And sadly, on a few occasions, I have found a t-shirt or pair of jeans on his side of the closet... don't ask.


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