Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fair - Continued

He's growing so fast. This slide occupied him for an hour last year, and he went on it over and over, his little face growing red with the strenuous activity. This year, a few times was enough to satisfy him, and he yearned for the rides for which he was not yet tall enough. Maybe next year, I comforted him, all the while happy that he was not yet tall enough to spin crazily in the air.

As to the rest of the people at the fair, I can only say that if you need to develop characters for writing a book, or just like people watching, the fair is your place. I peered at the faces of some of the younger fair ride operators and wondered how they got there. Was their face on a poster of missing kids at StuffMart? What landed these people to life on the road, living in a trailer, pushing red buttons to start a ride? Most seemed kind, yet very bored.

As the evening wore on, crowds of teens began to form and the blaring music began to get to me. Disappointed with the lack of entries in the arts and crafts, almost no entries in the agricultural division, and no other exhibits to view, we decided we'd seen enough.

You may ask why we bothered to attend? Well, to see Anna's art exhibited - taking first place in five categories in the junior division.! William also entered a painted African mask, which also took first place in the "other painted object" category.


Arby said...

Congrats to the artist!

Kristina said...

I thought that was his mask! Anna is very talented.

I was extremely disappointed by the fair. Two of my kids can't ride anything because it makes them sick, hubby is hobbling on a foot that recently had surgery, and those rides make me sick, too...Since there was nothing else to do, I felt it was a major waste of money. On the other hand, we did stick around and watch the motocross race. The boys did enjoy that.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Those traveling fairs are always a bit scary, the safety features, the operators, the crowds. But kids love them.

pita-woman said...

While I have the same mind-set y'all seem to have, of not trusting fair rides very much vs. those at amusement parks that aren't constantly assembled/dis-assembled, I've heard it said that the fair rides are, in reality, safer, just for the very fact that they are constantly taken apart & put back together... meaning the engineers(?) are constantly looking at them from top to bottom & know where any "weak links" might be.
Congrats to the two artists!!


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