Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stats Up

I have various ways of tracking activity on my blog. Now, before you log off, worried that I'm tracking your every move, I can't tell which specific computers are on my blog, though I'm sure that technology is available. Rather, I look for information as to how a person arrived on my small corner of the blogosphere. Some are direct hits - they knew exactly where they were going. Some followed a link from another blogger's site. Occasionally, someone will Google a word or phrase, and my blog link will come up.

A few of the sites that give me information on site statistics, such as Google Analytics or the Feedjit map in my margin to the right, will actually tell me the keyword the user was searching when they stumbled upon my humble blog. I have learned, in studying these stats, that of the keywords most used, big breasts and sexy hooker shoes are pretty popular. This being a family-oriented blog, I'll not go down the road of what these people were seeking, but I bet it wasn't my blog. However, I think that I'll recommend to new bloggers that if they want a lot of "hits", that they should include the words "big breasts" and "sexy hooker shoes" in every blog.

The Feedjit map is pretty cool - take a look. It shows on a map the country of origin of the most recent hits on a blog.


Arby said...

Dang. You caught me. I never use the direct link to your blogsite that I have in the left hand column of my blog. I always type my two favorite search engine phrases, "Big Breasts" and "sexy hooker shoes" into a google search engine to find your site. Since we have everything out in the open now, where are the pictures?!

Travis Erwin said...

It's odd the various search terms that lead people top a blog. I get some weird ones myself but then I'm fairly weird so maybe it's not that strange after all.

Packsaddle said...

To help protect the credibility and high standards of journalism found here on this esteemed blog, I have decided, at great personal risk, to appoint myself as the author's volunteer fact-checker by googling "big breasts" and "sexy hooker shoes" to confirm the author's assertions.

If I do not return to this blog through the alleged links within 7 calendar days, please notify the proper authorities.....and next of kin.

Chris said...

Isn't it fascinating how people end up at our blogs? I also use Feedjit and can see where people come from / what site they arrived from etc. A few weeks back I had a whole string of visitors from I wonder if I was one of the list of "recommended blogs" they listed that day / hour / minute?

The global reach of the WORLDwide web truly comes home when you see references to Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland all within a 15 minute stretch.

pita-woman said...

Makes you wonder why more people don't leave comments though, if we're getting readers from all over the world.
I got a comment on one of my blogs the other day because I mentioned the name of an amusement park. The customer-service people at said park apparently have some sort of notification set up so that whenever their company's name is mentioned in a blog or website, they're notified automatically (I guess to see if they're getting good/bad publicity). So people are arriving to our blogs by a myriad of avenues.


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