Friday, July 11, 2008

Science Friday: Moths

One time, we found a caterpillar, and without looking it up, kept it alive a few days before it spun its cocoon. Finally, the day came, and out came a wasp-looking creature. What a disappointment. Last year, however, we were lucky enough to hatch a luna moth and a monarch butterfly.

William found this dead moth that looks like it's wearing camouflage:

Given our wasp-like experience, I decided to look up this colorful creature before investing any time in waiting for it to cocoon and hatch. Good thing. It makes a rather plain White-marked Tussock Moth .

Science Friday Challenge
These eggs were found on the topside of a spaghetti squash. What kind are they? (P.S. I don't know the answer! Please send a link.)


Packsaddle said...

I had a pandorus sphinx one time.

A little ointment took care of it, though.

Flock Fold Kids said...


Insect eggs can be quite difficult to identify. That being said, my standard resource suggests these are most likely eggs of Coreid bugs (e.g., leaf-footed bugs).

That being the case, and given their location, I figure they are likely from a squash bug (note--I put some "return" characters in the middle of the longer URLs so they will stay within the column):

Bug Photos

Egg Photos




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