Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A No Noodle Day

I should have known what kind of day it was going to be when I opened up a can of chicken noodle soup and there were no noodles. Not a one. I looked at the photo on the label. Yes, it was chicken noodle soup. Right then, I should have gone back to bed. But nooooo, I had to soldier on.

William was feeling better, but Lauren felt a bit under the weather. After a little first aid on her, I dealt a little with the general house chaos before setting off to volunteer at the thrift store. There, mountains and boxes of donated items were overflowing everywhere. Broken glass, pure junk and Christmas items were mixed in with items of real value. Both my visiting nephew and my son wanted to come to "help", and yet were ready to leave after the first fifteen minutes. And, I would have been happy to have Lauren come get them, except the phone was dead at home, no doubt from the power outage we had for unknown reasons earlier in the day. I experienced my first on the volunteer job injury by accidentally kneeling on broken glass shards that I didn't see. I wonder if I can get workers' comp?

After the shop closed, leaving mountains of stuff still unsorted, we headed to the grocery to take evasive action so that nephew will not starve to death.

"It's obvious that we have different tastes in food," he informed me.

Yes, I told him, I don't only eat white things. And, I'm not a vegetarian. (As one comedian put it, if God didn't mean for us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?) Nephew will eat hot dogs, however, but asked me not to say how they made them. And hot dogs are not white, so one point for Nephew.

Driving home, we continued our luck by having a train roll through town. The track runs east-west, and I, going north, cannot get around it without driving a long way out of my way. So we sat. Once home, I prevailed upon the boys to give one last effort and carry up the groceries I had in a basket. Too heavy. So I gave Nephew the lighter basket, and he preceded me up the stairs. Poor thing, his Tourette's causes him to gag somewhat, and on the way up the stairs, he threw up. Into the basket. William had to run around to the front of the house to come in, fearful that he would get it on himself.

Gathering towels to clean up, Anna told me that she was not going to her art class tonight, as she was feeling bad now, too, with a headache and fatigue. Could I please call her teacher? Only, the phone still doesn't work. I cleaned up the vomit, fixed the phone (by unplugging and replugging in the answering machine which must have been zapped by the power surge), put away the groceries, found Tylenol for Anna, called the teacher, and found snacks for the boys, tired out as they were from all their hard work at the thrift store.

And then the final insult. I read my email and found that my YouTube video of the gelding of a miniature horse somehow violates their community guidelines and has been removed. I am on report. I read all the guidelines, and cannot see how it does violate it, unless some "wuss" thinks it is too graphic. Myself, I found it educational and had very many emails thanking me for it. All I can say is "WUSS". (I pulled that word from my childhood. Don't even know what it means. Don't tell me, it'll spoil the mystery of it.) If I mess up again, I'll lose my account. And then sign up with my dog's name.

It has just been a no-noodle day.


Indigo-Daisy said...

I've had those days =)
Wishing you noodles in your day tomorrow.

pita-woman said...

Sorry, couldn't help but laugh, not at you, but with you in sympathy. :)
Hope all the youngin's get to feelin' better.

Junosmom said...

Indigo-Daisy: That's a new blessing I'll confer on people "May you have noodles in your soup today!" Think they'll get it?

PITA, I'm laughing. Mostly. It's laugh or cry. I usually laugh.

Travis Erwin said...

if God didn't mean for us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?


TobyBo said...

my brother used to watch some Saturday morning TV show that had an episode about CSNN -- Chicken Soup, No Noodles. I kid you not. Too bad I don't remember what it was.

pita-woman said...

Actually, when I was in elementary school, I REFUSED to eat cafeteria lunches, so my mother always packed mine. I wasn't much on sandwiches back then, so I always got a thermos of soup. I loved Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, but refused to eat noodles (an odd & picky child, I know, but I've come a long way...). So my mother had to pour the can of soup through a strainer) before putting it in my thermos. Back then, I'd have welcomed your noodle-less can of soup!!

whitetr6 said...

Hi C,
I recently had a hand slap for weird policy on eBay. I sell some items on behalf of my favorite local charity - when people donate things that there is no way could be redistributed to needy families, I turn them into cash that they can use in their programs. Anyway, one such case recently. Remember Shillito's in Cincy? So you know how long ago this was...I had 5 furs from Shillito's from the estate of some dear old lady long since gone to her reward. They do have real value, appraised locally at over $3000 for the lot. So I posted them on eBay. I few days later, I'm informed that my ad has been pulled, and I have a "violation" on my account, which could lead to the loss of my "Power Seller" status. OK...
Turns out the item that caused the ruckus amongst the peta-heads in policy control over at the bay was a 40-year old Ocelot fur, one of the five. The poor beast donated its beautiful coat over 40 years ago, but now because he's endangered, the ad was pulled.
I am an absolute animal nut. Love Animal Planet, would never buy a new fur, not in my worst moment. But here I took what I felt was the higher calling and tried to generate some cash for a very deserving non-profit. Oh well, Craigs List I guess.
Oh by the way pita-woman's post reminded me. My mom used to tie a hot dog on a string and suspend it in my thermos of tomato soup to heat it up before lunch time. Remember that? I actually hope you don't ...

Junosmom said...

Mark - wow! You are even "badder" than I! I don't even know who I ticked off - but you attracted the attention of PETA! That's big time. Maybe they knew about your hot dog eating, too. And no, sorry, I'm laughing to think of the hot dog being suspended in the thermos, but I don't remember it.

Pita - too funny, but probably not too different. I remember my mom straining orange juice for the pulp, etc. Wait, that was me. The things a mom will do for a child. I think that's another blog.

whitetr6 said...

hehe, no Peta wasn't involved. I was using their name as an adjective describing the ebay listing police. That *would* have been something, I agree :-)


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