Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my "little girl" who is now a young woman.
You are everything I dreamed for you and more.


Arby said...

Happy birthday! So, how old is the horse?

Robin said...

Hey JunosMom...You have a lovely daughter and is that the mare that had the, uh, lactating problem? Bless her heart...they're both beauties.

I was a teenaged girl once, in love with horses...have every horse book ever written! And miss every horse I ever had...I am horseless...what's up with that!!?

Loved your comment on my blog so I had to come check yours out. Loved it!

pita-woman said...

Happy Birthday "L"!!

The Seasons of Life said...

Happy birthday Lauren. You have grown to become such a lovely young woman. The world is at your feet and God has an awesome plan for your life! I'll be watching it unfold.

Love, Robin


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