Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Low

Touching base by phone with a friend yesterday, I hit a new low. Her husband was talking in the background. He said he had a proposition for me. Friend said she wasn't sure she wanted her husband propositioning her friends, but okay, what is it? He offered to come over, climb a tree, and for $5, he'd whistle as I walked by. Surely, that is a new all time low. I have to pay to receive a whistle. Yeah, I'm hot. I offered to bring him some watermelon.

William has forgiven me for the chicken massacre.

We had 9 teen girls, 1 pre-teen girl and one annoying little brother in the house last night for a sleepover, and I survived! (Actually, they were all a joy to have over.)

Dh and I made a fire outside last night, which Daisy loved. As darkness fell, the hackles went up on her back and she took off running - after the raccoon! We saw a dark shadow run towards the woods, Daisy in hot pursuit. Perhaps the dog can keep it away, rather than dressing like a chicken and hiding in the coop as Packsaddle suggests. Besides, my chicken suit is at the cleaners.


Packsaddle said...

Yeah, but if you dressed-up like a chicken you could still tell your friend's husband to "cluck off" and it wouldn't sound so offensive.

Of course, some might even consider that fowl language.

Anonymous said...

Leave it my hubby to jerk your chain. Now that he knows you are such a good sport about it, he will be happy to continue so that he can be a blog topic.

I think I will leave this comment anonymously. :)

Arby said...

Merlin Perkins filmed scenes like the one in your chicken house and made millions under the heading, "National Geographic Presents." You get all that action for free in your own backyard. Wolf whistles, randy roosters, the eating habits of raccoons. My yard certainly is boring!


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