Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not Yet!

As soon as we entered "Knobby Dobby", I began to feel anxiety. This is a store for shoppers, for people that decorate their house and are good at it. Row after row of decorative items pounded the hammer on my skull reinforcing that I am a decorating disaster. It all was so overwhelming. The tension increased as I helped a daughter pick out scrap booking materials, (her project not mine). I began hyperventilating. I don't do crafts.

Still, I need coat hooks for the front hallway. It really doesn't say much for a household when guests lay their coats on the bed and come back to find a nest of animals huddled in the middle of them. I headed down one last aisle, only to hurry back to my daughter.

"Quick we have to leave."
"What's wrong?"
"I'm going to throw up - they have Christmas stuff out, aisles of it, in JULY."

It was hard enough to try to keep up when Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving. I might as well throw in the towel.


pita-woman said...

'tis amazing how early they start with the holiday stuff... we noticed it a week or so ago & couldn't believe it! Makes you wonder why they even bother taking it down once the holiday is over.
Don't feel bad, for I too lack the decorating gene.

Arby said...



Junosmom said...

@PITA - well I did think of you and your whatever you called it tree. They had a pine tree (fake of course) decorated for Halloween. I think they are moving in the direction you suggest - leave it up. A turkey tree is next.

@Arby - agreed.


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