Friday, August 08, 2008

This morning, dh recounted a dream he had last night. He was dressed for work and getting into his car when a miniature buffalo (that apparently was my pet) turned his rear to dh and "let loose" on him, getting all over his clothes and car. I'm no psychologist nor Joseph in the Bible, but this dream was easy to interpret. Subconsciously, dh felt shat upon when being left alone when the kids and I took a five day trip.

Now, before you feel too sorry for him, a dear friend's family did much of the work while we were away, and dh, in fact, did the work cheerfully. He accomplished much while I was away, so much so that I've threatened to leave on little trips more often. I'm sure he truly didn't mean that my little animal farm here was shooting him manure, but I suppose I should pay a little attention to his subconscious.

Blogs, I am told, are like the newspaper. You must write each day and never miss an issue in order to not lose readership. You are not, however, supposed to tell people when you are on a trip for security reasons. I fully intended to have blogs pre-written and scheduled ahead of time, but getting ready for even a small trip for me is the equivalent of preparing for a foreign invasion. So, I left you, my poor blog readers, hanging.

Before the girls were younger, it was even harder. I remember dh once asking, as we prepared for a trip "What was there to do? You just put a few clothes in the suitcase and leave." It is a sign of my control that he lives still. It has gotten easier as the girls have gotten older, and can help pack and get the homestead ready for our departure.

So, leaving our home in the care of friends and dh, we traveled to Rochester, New York for an "International Friendship Concert" in which Lauren played the second movement of the Italian Concerto. In between her practices, lessons and rehearsal, we explored that town and Pittsford, NY. Lauren played beautifully. From there we traveled to Niagara Falls for a day, and then to dh's family farm for a night. It is good to be home.

Photo taken along the Erie Canal


Travis Erwin said...

As much as I would love to post a blog everyday there simply isn't always time and I don't have that much to say. Hopefully most readers are ok with a bit of down time here and there.

Chris said...

1) Family trips for us (3 kids) are still a major effort in planning, but at least we don't have to pack furniture anymore! (pack-n-play's, bouncy seats, potty seats).
2) When you mentioned leaving dh home alone and him feeling shat upon, I wondered "what's wrong with him!?!" I love it when I have the house to myself for a while. Then I remembered that he didn't have a "house" to himself, he had a "farm". Big difference!
3) I travel to Rochester regularly on business (preferably not in winter!). It, and particularly Pittsford, are lovely towns. Very different from the mega-urban-suburban-sprawl of metro-Atlanta.

Welcome home!

Jean N. said...

Awww...finally a photo of you along with your beautiful children! I totally agree with the massive effort involved in getting ready for a trip, but usually once we are away, I enjoy it, becuase I am finally away from looking at all that needs to be done around the house!

Flock Fold Kids said...

Glad to have you all back! We missed you!


pita-woman said...

Maybe now he'll appreciate more all that you do at home.
While I was gone for a mere 48 hours this last trip, my husband got so bored he got down on his knees and wiped the kitchen floor clean, pulled out the micro-wave cart & cleaned under/behind it, even cleaned the top & back of the micro-wave. I can only imagine how much dog hair & dust had accumulated back there. I told him I was going to go away more often. ;)

Junosmom said...

Travis: well, you go for quality...I have quantity :-)

Chris: Yes, but it is peaceful here while alone, and I think he likes it. I think it was the animals that caused the nightmare. Yes, I remember bringing the furniture. Now, I laugh at myself that I did.

Jean - I would love to take a vacation at home, I love it here so - but like you, can't overlook what needs to be done.

FFK: Glad to be back - missed you too!

PITA: Can your husband come clean at my house?


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