Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Just Hair

My son emulates Robert Pattinson's hair. You do not know Robert Pattinson? I should have, given that two teen girls live in my house, have read Twilight, and went to see the movie the first week it was out. Perhaps I was on auto-pilot.

It was not until I read OxyJen's blog on how this teen heart throb manages his hair that I paid any attention to the name. According her account, this actor does not use shampoo on his longish hair, allowing the natural oils to come out and apparently to be used as a natural hair gel, resulting in his "bed head" tousled look. (I wonder if on reading this, teen girls might thinks twice about dreaming of running their fingers through his hair.)

William, fearing the dreaded shampoo-in-the-eyes torture that all mom inflict on their offspring, often skips the shampoo in his shower if I'm not paying attention and his resulting "do" is amusement for us all. He fancies the longer styles, yet, dislikes mom to lick her fingers and smooth it down. As a result, his hair often looks like the back end of a turkey. It will be of no help that dear daughters likened him to a movie star. Here he practices his alluring looks.

Shortly after reading about this interesting hair management system that likely was used for most of the history of humanity, there are reports that Pattinson cut his hair short (see here for before and after photos). William does not desire a short hair cut that "feels like a cat's tongue".
Still, I have the mother's guilt that hears imaginary voices criticizing my mothering skills: "Can you believe she let him out of the house with his hair looking like that???" Perhaps in the futureI'll just smile to myself and envision that they envy his long, movie star looks.


pita-woman said...

I admit I have no clue who that actor is, but then I'm very much out of touch with current events in Hollywood.
I'm not all that crazy about long hair on men (or boys). Perhaps if you told him he resembled Shirley Temple, especially with that puckered-lip pout, he might be inclined to want it cut.
I got a hair cut (buzz) over the weekend. Let Wlm. know I'm sporting that cat's tongoe hair-do he despises. Shaved it down to
1/2". :)

Janie said...

I love his hair! He's a cutie!

Kristen Painter said...

Unwashed hair grosses me out. lol

beeguy said...

I have to agree with pita-woman, that picture of William does resemble Shirley Temple's pouting look, it also looks a lot like Anakin's "bad" look. Both movie stars as well :D


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