Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Town Monday - Going "Moist"

I would not make a good reporter. I could not even go into the parking lot of this building to get a good photo for fear that someone I know might see my vehicle there. I stopped at a respectable business nearby. What is this building that, judging from the number of cars outside, is doing a good business? The Love Stuff Store. (Dh calls it the "Love Shack".) Oh, and they sell cigarettes, too.

It doesn't say on the sign what kind of "love stuff" they sell, and no one I know has ever ventured in to see (or at least admitted it). I do know a few people that tried picketing the business for it's apparently immoral in nature, but protesting so far has done little good.

This is actually not located in "My Town" or even my county (it is the next county over and unfortunately at the exit for people coming in to my house from the north), so you may wonder why I include it in my MTM post. You would not find such a store in my county, nor would you find a liquor store or stand alone bar. You will find no night clubs or dance halls, or beer joints. Until very recently and most of the time I have lived here, my town and county was "dry". You could not buy alcohol here. At all.

At some point, due either the influx of "outsiders" and growth or the realization that no restaurants would locate in our county without liquor sales or both, the county went "moist". Now, restaurants that seat over 100 people may serve alcohol. As a result, we gained several restaurants in town and I can have a Corona with my burrito or a Tennet's with my fish and chips. The down side? There was a time when you could bring your own bottle of wine and a restaurant would serve it to you for a small or no charge. Not any more. Still, I find having a few more restaurant choices worth it.

With no liquor sales to individuals, those of us in our county that enjoy a glass of wine with our meal or have a (cough) prescribed glass of wine to avoid cancer, must drive to the next county over to buy our hooch or as I do, make our own (which is cheaper anyway and surprisingly good wine). Of course there is always the option of declaring that one is too tired to cook and must go to the Irish pub for a beer and a plate of fish and chips.

Speaking of, we went there on Friday night with my mom and stepfather. Going to our table, I was wondering who I might see that I know. I laughed when I saw my good friends from Good Shepherd's Care tucked into a corner. During our meal, we saw several other close neighbors to the point that we were making a bit of a disruption with all our laughing and greeting. But isn't that what a pub is all about?

My Town Monday is a virtual Irish pub, where we can greet friends and share something about our corner of the world. It is the brainchild of Travis Erwin, soon to be famous author. He is taking a break until after the holidays in hosting MTM. Chris at e-Cuneiform Scratchings and I will be hosting MTM in the interim. If you would like a link to your MTM post, please leave me a message in the comments section.

Do a little virtual traveling by visiting:

Cloudia in Waikiki (she has several this week that show beautiful Hawaii)
Jennifer Jilks in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
Debra in Peninsula, Ohio
Patti Abbott in Detroit, Michigan
Barbara Martin in Seaton Village, Toronto
Chuck in Kentucky
Chris in Hong Kong
J Winter in Cincinnati, Ohio


Jennifer Jilks said...

Thanks for the links and hosting MTM, Junosmom. I like virtual, vicarious travels!

We are still having snow fall, plus blowing snow. I think you are right, as you posted on my blog, the hard part is when temperatures and conditions wildly fluctuate. We have had snow for days, except Saturday. You just get used to it. Mind you, we are up to 6 snow clearings, at $35 a pop in December, with another due today. It ain't cheap, but it is cheerful.

debra said...

My post is up. I'll be back later to read :-)

Janie said...

Trav's birthday is today! Go play over there!!

debra said...

And, wine making is a good science project, too.

Anne said...

I was wondering about that place - I've seen it from a distance. Having our county go "moist" hasn't been as exciting for me as the smoking ban - so happy about that one!

Cloudia said...

Sounds like a happy "pub" evening!
Yes, this MTM is like a pub crawl where we all host each other to a local libation. Kava, anyone? Aloha friends!!

Barbara Martin said...

My MTM post on Seaton Village is up.

An immoral love shop, hmmm. I can see them getting upset if there is any BDSM stuff for sale. That's certainly not love. There are hundreds of those shops in Toronto that ought to be closed down. They probably would make the one in your post look like just a candy store.

I've never encountered a dry place in Canada, only in the States.

Good post, and certainly food for thought.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A borrowed post is up. I'd send my husband into that shack to find out. He'd go.

Junosmom said...

Jennifer, in KY we rarely clear snow. You just wait a few hours. It does sometimes snow enough to need clearing, in which case we are often snowed in for a mere four inches.

Debra,you are right! I once wrote it up as a science unit. Dh didn't know what the school board might think!

Aloha, Cloudia.

I suppose, Barbara, that is part of the mystery. We don't know what "love stuff" is.

Patti, if you come to Kentucky, please bring your husband to solve this mystery.

Janie, I've been to the party!

Anne, I don't dare go in, nor dh. I still don't know what is in there. Yes, I enjoy the smoking ban as well.

Jennifer Jilks said...

I put my foot down this year, Junosom. I, too, will stay home for Christmas. My son asked me to TO to stay in his sister's house, who is currently in Florida, but I declined after years travelling to please in-laws, outlaws, and look after ailing parents (failing was our "f" word!).

We will snuggle down in the cozy house, venture out to shovel, fire blazing, birds twittering, throwing peanuts outside to entertain the cats. No presents, just peace and quiet. We're at 7 snow clearings!


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