Sunday, December 07, 2008

...Tell Me If You Can

"He's not the real Santa," William declared. "He's just one of his servants."

I'm not sure where he got the terminology or why this particular Santa wasn't convincing. The man certainly had a real beard, which he tugged on for the sake of the older and more skeptical kids. His cheeks were rosy from the cold, and he demonstrated that his gloves came off. If my eyes were any judge, his "bowl full of jelly" was real as well.

We were near the front of the line for the first time at our town's annual visit from Santa in the Gazebo in front of the county jail. (How touching.) The line snaked back a block to the courthouse. Santa took several minutes with each child and very sincerely talked to each one. As someone in the front of the line, I was appreciative. Were I in the back of the line (like I usually am), I'd be pissed. It was colder 'n blue blazes (whatever they are).

William wondered before his visit what he should tell Santa. In the end, he told him that his wish list was on the computer and he'd email it to Santa, or send it in the mail. Santa thought that was fine.

This Christmas will be bittersweet. He's growing up fast, and his grown up mind knows this fat man can't possibly make it down our chimney.

"Is there really a Santa," he asked one night while taking his shower, "or did God really just make a magical person?"

My task will be to see that he knows that it is magical, the Christmas season. It is a magical time of preparing for a small baby, who changed the world.

(More tomorrow in my MTM-My Town Monday about the annual "Light Up" night.)


David Cranmer said...

I remember when I realized the truth about Santa. I hope William can hold onto the magic for another year or two.

Barbara Martin said...

The nice thing about Santa is the connection with St. Nicholas, a Bishop in Eruope who did provide presents for children. The Santa we are accustomed to is the modern version. St. Nicholas Day was on December 6.

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm ready for Monday - thanks for taking that!

Janie said...

He's a beautiful child!!

pita-woman said...

I of course live with Santa (or one of his servants that is :P ), who made his 1st appearance of the season this past Sunday. I'll be posting pix of that later.

Sepiru Chris said...

Poignant and not mawkish. Well told. I am rooting for Santa, William, and you.


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