Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday's Notes

Yesterday, a windstorm came with the rain and swept away the nativity scene in front of the Dairy Queen. I saw it soon after it happened. Baby Jesus was upside down and the lambs were laying on their sides. The "barn" was completely down, blown over like an old Kentucky tobacco barn. To answer a question asked in another blog by a reader, no I don't always have my camera with me, but in this case, wish I had, for today when I went back, someone had cleared away the disaster victims and all that remained to mark the spot was a rectangle of straw. Will we have a live nativity this year?

Blatant product endorsement (if only I got paid!)

Paris, our 5 year old Japanese Chin mutant dog, got a terrible ear infection. At the same time, her eyes were yucky. I took her to the vet, and many dollars later, her ears had been supposedly "drained" and we followed the prescribed course of action. Days later, her ears returned to the same condition and her eyes got worse. Not wanting to have her sedated and have another big bill, I did some Googling and found this product with rave reviews called Zymox. In a seven day course of treatment, at the fifth day, her ears are no longer chucking out Volkswagon-sized balls of brown ear wax and no longer have open sores. Today, the another vet confirmed that the ear treatment is working. This product also comes in a cleaner solution to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. Buy it! I also use Vodka (I just happened to have some around) to clean and dry the outer ear between treatment.

As for her eyes, they remain gunky, and the new vet who has raised Shitzu (another mutant breed), said that it isn't uncommon for these googly-eyed dogs to develop immune problems shutting off tear production, which has resulted in affected eyes. We have a course of medicine for that, and a recheck next week. She may have glaucoma. I may need a job.

I am disappointed, however, that I could have spent $9 for Zymox to try to clear the ears, and it would have worked, rather than over $200 and the pain of the procedure and risk of sedation.

If one more store clerk asks me if I'm ready for Christmas, you might be able to write a murder non-mystery based on my real life experiences. Would it be Scroogish to yell, "No, DAMMIT!"

That said, I am noticing too many people lounging around in the aisleways at the StuffMart and CostU. Do you have no deadlines, people? Do you not know that we should all be in a great hurry? Please follow convention and keep your cart to the right. I want a megaphone - too bad I don't cuss (much) - to yell "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!" because polite "excuse me's" don't seem to be working. Maybe Christmas shopping stresses me a tiny bit. Does it you?


Jennifer Jilks said...

I've been working on MTM post. Meantime, here is the video I have embedded in it.
It is another tale of a gale-force tornado...named Sady.

I have solved the cheap & cheery clerk issue:for the most part we ordered by mail, and had presents sent directly, or we sent a donation in lieu. This week I sent my husband out on errands! He is an accountant and only gets what is on the list!

There was some collateral damage, though. He came home and said he was going to deck the next person that said, "At least it will be a white Christmas." (You've seen my photos!)

Kristen Painter said...

I wonder if that stuff would work on cats.

Janie said...

Hope your baby gets better!

I would love to find better alternatives to medicine for my dogs...

Cloudia said...

My MTM post is up (friday or thursday will do - Junosmoms choice ;-)
Hope your doggies feel better and that you find time to rest & relax soon. aloha-

pita-woman said...

I was half expecting you to say you used the vodka by taking a swig before attempting to medicate the dog. ;)

Junosmom said...

Jennifer, yes, I've seen your photos. has been my friend this Christmas.

Kristen, yes, it is supposed to work on cats.

Janie, what makes me mad is that the vet didn't even try this or apparently know that it works.

Cloudia, she's getting better.

PITA, well it may help. She is not at all cooperative about putting the meds in her eyes, but at least she is only 12 pounds. Can you imagine if she was one of your dogs and didn't cooperate?


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