Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When Life Hands You a Broken Toilet...

...plant flowers.

I received an email a bit too late from a fellow humorist who suggested that dh and I acted in haste by removing the broken toilet when it could have simply been fixed with white duct tape. Dh said it occurred to him....but, I interupted the phone call, it's too late. I'd done hauled it up to the front porch and planted flowers in it. Dh said, "YOU DIDN'T." Which shows that he thinks I'm capable of 'bout anything. (Photo on left for inspiration but does not represent the actual product.)

Yesterday, was a beautiful surprise with temperatures in the 50s. I spread horse manure with my new spreader, a birthday gift from my father who said I was so full of it, I ought to spread it around. I procured and stacked a load of hay, and we worked about the barn.

Lauren decided that after two weeks, it was time to integrate the two new horses with our resident horses. We locked the gate across the driveway, tied up the dog, and let them in together. We were prepared for a knock-down, drag-out fight. So anti-climactic it was! A few squeals and a fight or two over who got which hay pile and it was all over. It is also a relief, as it will mean considerably less work in carrying water and walking two horses to the back pasture.

New little kitty has a cold.

After putting in the heat lamp (light), we are now getting two whole eggs a day. Yee-haw (not).

Paris, mutant Japanese Chin dog, again has an ear infection after spending boo-coo dollars last week to drain the ear. I am working on home remedies now.

Lazarus (cat) caught a mouse in the house last night which only slightly allows him to stay about the house given that he's mostly insane and growls at me.


Packsaddle said...

And how are the Fire-Bellied Newts and the Chinese Water Dragon doing?

Camflock said...


pita-woman said...

Wow, a new spreader? That's quite a gift... btw, belated happy birthday!

Janie said...

Okay, love your dad's spreader comment.

You are such a busy girl around that place - I don't know how you do it!

Love the flowertoilet!

beeguy said...

Two whole eggs, they aren’t bantam eggs I assume then? :)

And I have to speak up for Lazarus; he’s not insane just a little bit different which just makes him cool. Hey, he keeps you on your toes; at least he doesn’t sneeze inside out like some of you truly messed up, confused animals :/

Junosmom said...

Pack: They're on my Christmas wish list.

Camflock: Especially considering it is a very real possibility.

Pita: yes, my dad is very generous with his own spreading around.

Janie: Where do you think I get my sense of humor?

Beeguy: Glad to see you!
Yes, they are full-sized eggs. Just enough for Wm's daily breakfast. As for Laz, I think his brain has degraded since your recent acquaintance. Seriously. He growls at and attacks us just trying to let him outside. We are encouraging him to stay outside, but he thinks he owns the place. Should you want a cat or some hairy reverse sneezing dogs, please let me know. Christmas is coming!

Robin said...

Newsflash:because I care about you I felt you should know this...

Cat's know what they want you to do...they know...they just don't care. (and some graciously allow you to live int he same house.)

That post was too funny! I've been absent for awhile (I'm sure you understand being a rural girl yourself...but keep in mind...I haul truck loads of manure during the winter; so apparently I'm more full of it than you...so your pops can rest easy knowing that his baby girl isn't as bad as someone else's!)

I would have a house/yard/barn full of animals if I had children (to blame the want on) or an SE with more tolerance! I swear, the more I know people the more I like my animals!

Junosmom said...

Robin, yes, I understand. One has to take care of things, lest they pile up, literally. In fact, Constable Chuck was just asking me today where you store your "stuff" before hauling. You might want to explain this hauling of "stuff" to him. Always glad to hear from you.

debra said...

I a now getting 2-6 eggs a day from my little flock of 19 or so hens. But they are aying a wee bit more---mostly pullet eggs still. Slackers!!! Expensive manure that the gardens will appreciate in the spring.
Love the look of the toilet :-)

Junosmom said...

I must say, the photo isn't my photo, (looking guilty) just one I "lifted" for inspiration. Our actual toilet is, however, on the back porch awaiting disposal. Hopefully before spring and I make good on my idea.

Cloudia said...

thank you for sharing your life with us. I wish i could help you around the horses and smell the manure that your spread instead of just reading it ;->
Aloha means 'hello' & 'love' & MORE!
I had firebelly newts too! They recognized me and would stand on hind legs and climb up my finger. No, really!


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