Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Catty

Many men claim to not like cats, but I've got your number. It's because of the litter box. Jack, a red tabby who is very old, cleared the room (so to speak) the other day. I was, of course, notified. Why not just take care of it? Well, "I never wanted cats in the first place!"

But it is not true of all men. The sweet cat to the left belongs to my father-in-law when he is not enjoying the sunshine of Florida. And in dh's defense, he showed his undying love for me by cleaning the cat box each time I was pregnant. Even though he didn't want cats.
Last night, the black hen, Aunt Mary, got up off her nest of nine eggs and abandoned them. One was broken and showed no development. I've not candled the others yet to see if they were at least developing some. Was it too cold? Interestingly, it was 21 days exactly. Can she count?

Each morning, there are two starlings in the dog cage where we keep the white silkie rooster. We open the door, and in a panic, they escape. The chickens do not seem to mind their wild companions, even sharing the food bowl. I will have to do a major cleanup of the barn come spring, for the starlings leave behind a great mess.


Cloudia said...

Amazing cat pic, Cathy!

Starlings? What interesting birds and behavior. I love following your farm adventures-

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

David Cranmer said...

I still love dogs but understand the attraction for the felines thanks to my wife.

Great photo!

pita-woman said...

I can honestly say that our cats' litter boxes fall to my husband to take care of. I'll scoop/change if he's out of town or on crutches, but that's it. I dealt with it the first few years, but finally passed the torch to him.

a said...

I had to leave my comment here :o) I just posted about our feline {who is now officially diagnosed}

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my blog! Keep reading, more updates are on their way ... TOAM


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