Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bird Leaves

Birds filled the ash tree outside our house as I sat having tea with a friend. They kept coming, more and more, filling the bare tree until it looked like fluffy leaves were growing on it in the dead of winter.

They were robins! What were robins doing here? Are they not spring birds? Is spring around the corner? Please God.

It turned out that the tree was the waiting area for your turn at the holly bush at the corner of the house. It was a boiling mass of birds, flapping and grabbing, eating the red berries. Soon, the bush was stripped and the birds left. I wonder where they are headed?

Always have an extra heat lamp on hand for the chickens, so that when one burns out, you don't find yourself at Walmart at 9 PM.

Today or tomorrow is the day that the chicks will hatch, if they will

I am asked about the horses. We've been leaving them in. It is too cold (23F), wind blowing, and up to their knees, higher on Jorgen and the minis, and there is no point. They just stand at the round bale and eat anyway. We do let them romp in the paddock while we clean stalls. Maybe I'll get a video of that.


pita-woman said...

While I'm certainly no expert and have no personal opinion one way or the other, some would argue that it's good for them to be out in the sunlight (even if muted by clouds), and they can withstand the temps.
Might save on how much mucking you have to do.

whitetr6 said...

Sure those aren't bluebirds? We had a similar flock crowd a feeder at our window several times last week, driving the cats nuts. They didn't look as vibrant as this picture, but anyway - have a look

Junosmom said...

PITA - yes, some would. The horses wouldn't. We do make them go in the paddock some. They don't like it and come in as soon as they get a chance.

Mark - they could be, I guess. They are gone now so I'll never know. They looked like robins, but then, it was cold and I wasn't standing outside that long to look! Bluebirds would make more sense. BTW, we are "gathering" more St. C. grads over on Facebook. Amazing to catch up with them all.

Junosmom said...

Mark, I was up in Cleveland two weekends ago and saw a robin! Up close! So it is indeed possible that my birds were robins. Seems strange though.


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