Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Cold

Children nowadays don't get the opportunity to do as much meaningful work as their forefathers did: chopping wood, gathering eggs, naturally feeling an integral part of the success and survival of the family. It's good for a boy to carry wood.

I've taught a friend of mine a little too well that duct tape can be used in almost any situation. Knowing that we rarely get enough snow to warrant buying snow pants or snow boots, she didn't, thereby ensuring that we'd get loads of it. It's her fault that my property is now two feet under. Her boy, pictured above, loves, as boys do, to play in the snow. It is very cold and when the pants get wet, it is colder still. What to do? Buy snow pants? Of course, if she did, the snow would immediately disappear. Duct tape! She took a pair of old sweat pants and covered them with duct tape. Instant redneck, hillbilly snow pants! They worked great. I'm a bad influence.

Notes to self:
If the forecast is for lots of snow, buy hay and chicken feed BEFORE it snows.

Happy Birthday to dh. You'll never catch up to me, though! Love you!


Cloudia said...

Enjoyed this post- I think you are a good influence!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Travis Erwin said...

Stay warm.

pita-woman said...

Now I have visions of your son hauling buckets of water up from the creek for you to scrub the clothes on.

Don't ever tell my husband about the duct-tape pants, he'll want a pair.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased sleds so rest assured that the snow is now over for the season. I refuse to buy snow pants now though -- the duct tape is working just fine. :)


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