Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Louise the Lettuce Thief

Yesterday, I heard a collective gasp from behind me. "SHE HAS THE NEW FACEBOOK!" my daughters protested. "No fair!"

Truthfully, I couldn't tell the difference until they pointed out that my many unanswered notices were now at the top or something. I don't pay attention anymore. Facebook changes its "look" more than apparently some women change their bras. (If you are that woman, I don't know you.) I usually only check it once a day, so I'm not sure how I rated this special treatment. Some people are just blessed that way.

I've figured out how to fix my problem with scheduled posts !!! Yes! Now I more consistently blog.

Somehow, Aunt Mary (bantam hen) got locked out of the barn today, perhaps as early as noon. If so, the eggs may have gotten too cold. They're not due until Ash Wednesday. If they don't hatch we'll have to try again. Dh says Aunt Rita NEVER would have left the nest to eat. Fail! Lauren feels badly, but dh says no, it was Aunt Mary's fault.

As you saw in the video, Louise really likes lettuce. She steals it from the scraps for the chickens. I guess she needs more greens in her diet.

Expecting 3 -4 inches of snow tonight. Stupid groundhog.


David Cranmer said...

I like the vid. very cute.

And the Slate article. For several weeks?! How does one stand their own stench. Whew.

Cloudia said...

What adventures you are having!

Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Beautiful cat.
As messy/dirty as my house is, cats on the table or counter tops is something I could never tolerate.
I was at my sisters house yesterday & her cat was walking across the dining room table, I couldn't rush over to shoo it away fast enough (and there wasn't even any food on the table).
Fortunately, our dogs keep our cats from even entering our kitchen/dining area. :)

Junosmom said...

David - agreed.
Cloudia - I guess you can call it that.
PITA - oh, she's not allowed up there. She thought she was unobserved. Today, she knocked over a whole can of fish flakes.


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