Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Amish Friendship Bread

A true friend, my dh says, would not give you a project bread, a live thing you have to care for. A true friend would bake it for you and bring it with a cup of hot coffee. I wonder - a true friend would bring to you this "bread" (a.k.a. pound cake - 'cause that's how much weight you gain just looking at it)??

My first experience with Amish Friendship Bread was about 10 years ago when a friend gave to me a "starter" baggie of it. A live culture, she begged me to take it because she couldn't bear to see it die, yet could find no friend to agree to take it. I was suckered into it, and ten days later, made the bread. It was so delicious, that every ten days when the starter was finished, I'd make more. That month, dh and I began to pudge out. Pawning my starter off on other unsuspecting folk, I got out of the Friendship Bread business.

Recently, after reading about the Amish, I remembered this bread and that my dds hadn't ever had it. So I looked it up on the internet and found many recipes. I printed out one and began my starter. It is due to be finished on Friday. The good news is that my recipe does say that you can freeze the starter, so that I don't have to go around pathetically trying to find a friend who will care for my starter's offspring.

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mommaof4 said...

This bread is sooooo good. We just did this. We enjoy watching it grow in the zipper bag.


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