Thursday, April 13, 2006

No Foal Yet

Maggie the Mini hasn't delivered yet, but my friend, Becky, who swears by Farmers' Almanac and will go out at 2 a.m. to plant asparagus because that's the best time to plant it on the third Sunday after a quarter moon and if you are facing East, says it'll be tonight because there is a full moon. I'm interested to see if she is right. The last storm and drop in the barometer didn't do it as some predicted.

Lauren has researched the internet and found that many mares are foaling late this year. Interesting. I wonder what explains this phenomena?

The girls sleep each night in the barn on a very cozy, yet hard bed of straw covered with sleeping blankets. We have a baby monitor there so that I can lay in my more comfortable bed and hear if they call. All I hear all night is the sound of the peepers next door and my big TN Walker snoring. Maybe it's more akin to heavy breathing or moaning, but it does keep one awake!

The peepers are quite loud. We used to have one or two. Now, with the addition of my neighbor's pond (aka septic settling basin - EWWWW), the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of Frogs has moved in. It is almost annoying, it is so loud. I've countered with Lester, our rooster, who mistakenly thinks the sun rises at 5 a.m. He is housed not too far (100 feet) from the neighbor's house.

We are off to the local Irish Pub to celebrate the removal of Lauren's braces and cast! She now has retainers that make her sound like she has had her tongue cut out. She is looking forward to eating a lot of sticky candy.

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