Sunday, April 02, 2006


My mom and sisters will know what I mean when I say that now and again, something will hit a group of (particularly) women as so funny they laugh until tears begin streaming down their faces. As they watch each other laugh, they laugh harder, all the while thinking inside that it wasn't really THAT funny but we can't stop laughing.

Such was the case the other night at the dinner table. William, age 4, had been teasing the dog from the table with his hamburger patty, which he seemed to find amusing. Right up until the moment the dog reared up and swallowed the patty whole, leaving Wm empty-handed. A wail went up to wake the dead. "I want my hamburger!"

I put on my best mommy voice and explained that teasing the dog at the dinner table - LOUDER: "I want another hamburger"- (I'm hiding my smile behind my hand now) was not a good thing to do and that we had no more hamburger - BLUBBERING: "but I WA ANOBBER BAMBURBUR". At this point, I caught my daughters' eyes and I started laughing. Their favorite part of the movie, The Pink Panther, was when the inspector (Steve Martin) was trying to lose his French accent by being tutored. He tried to say, "I would like to buy a hamburger". The more Wm wailed, the more he sounded like Inspector Clusoe. "AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh wann a burbbber!" The tears began to flow as we pushed over the threshhold of hysterical laughing.

Luckily, Wm finally caught the humor and began, reluctantly, to laugh himself. He wasn't so much hungry still as mad that the dog had nabbed his burber.

Lauren attended a Parelli clinic yesterday as an "audit" (just watching).
We cut grass for the first time this year.
We went for a horse ride - Wm. rode Jorgen with Daddy walking alongside.
No news yet on Maggie - she's as big as a horse (cough) but no baby born yet.
We went to a cool restaurant in Shelbyville, KY called Fiesta Mexicana, which was so Mexican, we had a hard time placing our order due to lack of Spanish on our part and English on theirs.

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