Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why You Should NOT Make Your Bed

Flylady's new habit for April is to make your bed everyday. She also is really into de-cluttering. I obviously haven't followed the guidelines as I was perusing the May 2005 issue of National Geographic. Hey, I hate to throw them out. You never know when you might need an article about the one-eyed toad of Borneo or a fish that lives near the sulfur vents at the bottom of the ocean.

Anyway, I found this article that I thought everyone might need to have in the event that someone came to visit and your beds weren't made. You could say, "Gee, haven't you read that making beds is unhealthy??"

An unmade bed may help you breathe easier.
A study suggests that microscopic dust mites - implicated in some respiratory problems - are less likely to survive in unmade beds; exposure to air dehydrates the creatures. But warmth and moisture trapped in smoothed sheets may help dust mites thrive.

My kids were sure happy to read this. They plan to implement it immediately. Wait, they've been implementing it for a long time now. The days of making beds are over. (As if they ever really made their beds.)

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