Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I've not written in awhile. Though I'm big on multi-tasking, there just aren't enough of me and too many of everyone else. Perhaps I try to do too much?

The analogy of a sieve came to me the other day. It is difficult being a SAHM because my days are often like a sieve. It's my job to try to fill the sieve, which on any given day contains a variety of holes. Some days, I can get ahead a little if there aren't too many holes. Some days, the sieve is made of a screen door and even using a firehose wouldn't fill it. I try to make filling the sieve fun some days, and other days, well, it's enough to be trying to fill it at all. And in the end, when I wake up in the morning, no matter how hard I filled it the day before, the sieve is empty and I have to start all over again trying to fill it.

Last week, we picked up Mortimer, aka Morty. We are going to "free lease" him for a little while, meaning we don't own him, but pay for all his care. Morty is a great horse, but prone to laminitis because he's insulin resistant. Basically, Morty is like a middle aged man that has Type II diabetes and hasn't had enough exercise. Rich, green grass is his candy.

We are learning all about managing this.
If you are interested in reading more about it, go to

Spring Fling

Anna rode this past Saturday at the Mounted Games "Spring Fling" competition. I begged dh to go, to see how well Anna rides. The morning was the most miserable, wet morning a rider could endure. Yet, by afternoon, by which time dh had headed for home, it was a beautiful day. Anna was all smiles though, as her dad saw her ride and she was having fun.

William amused himself with a few other kids on this awesome dirt pile.

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